exhibition at platform21

How does paradise look like? Shaping it is entirely up to you. Platform 21 asked trainspotters, designers, artists, architects and students to build a fantasy landscape model on the topmost floor of our office. Each one got one square metre to realise their fantasy.
Model making is a creative and imaginative process, whose popularity is steadily losing ground to digital modelling, gaming culture and prefab building designs. Cynthia Hathaway our guest curator therefore decided to shine a spotlight on this activity and organised Platform 21, which turned out to be an important event for both professionals and hobbyists.
Visitors can make a cinematic trip through a 55-metre imaginary landscape model.The train carries a camera which films the scenery rolling past the window, transporting you on a live journey through paradise...

ontwerp schaallandschap, 2007

lokatie platform21, amsterdam

opdrachtgever / curator platform 21, cynthia hathaway, amsterdam

ontwerper guido marsille